• Nimrod Rifle at British Shooting Show

    Our Nimrod Rifle can be seen on the Cheshire Gun Room stand at the British Shooting Show this Fri 13th Feb - Sun 15th Feb. Accuracy International also have a stand where many of their products will be on display.

    For more information about the show see here.

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    • Anne says...

      Meryl I’m VERY happy that you have taken steps to protect yseroulf. I congratulate you on your deciding to get a carry permit.I have one thing to tell you: PLEASE, oh PLEASE do not just get the permit and toss that gun in a drawer or a safe and forget about it .You need to go to a range at LEAST once a month, more if you can afford it. Firearms skills only get better with repeated use. By shooting often your body learns to go into automatic when you need to use the gun.When faced with a shoot/no shoot situation, you’re brain will be COMPLETELY taken with that thought process, if your shooting skills aren’t automatic you must probably won’t survive, or WORSE you may miss and shoot an innocent.Good job with that choice. 38 is a GREAT self defense caliber. Not just for a learner but a seasoned pro. My main is a Semi auto Kimber 1911 in .45acp. My back-up is a Smith and Wesson Model 13 revolver in .357 mag which can also shoot .38 without a problem.And for that 22 rifle, it’s not just for fun, it as well has uses. God forbid something horrible happens and you need food. A 22 is invaluable as a hunting rifle. I’d get at least 1000 rounds of 22, that should cost you about 30 bucks.With your .38 get a box of self defense loads. And only use them when the gun is on stand by . For range use get light loaded or handicap rounds. They are WAY easier to shoot. And when you NEED to shoot the more powerful stuff your body will be so up on adrenaline you won’t even notice a difference in recoil. Plus at close ranges (with-in 12 yards for most self defense shootings) the difference in impact points of the bullets will be negligible.Sorry for the long post but fire arm safety, and self defense is kinda my thing . And I want to make sure you do it right.Good luck. And remember to keep your powder dry!

      On November 27, 2015

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