About Us

Sporting Services is now in it's 34th year of trading! Started in 1989 by Lyn Clarke selling shooting accessories to the Gun trade and using her expertise in corporate entertainment to organize regular events. Upon leaving the Army in 1975 Graeme worked for a number of years at the Birmingham Proof House as Deputy Proof Master. He then held senior sales positions at Eley (civilian and military ammunition) and Manroy Engineering (weapon systems) and was a part time Firearms dealer. Graeme decided to devote all of his time to Sporting Services in 1990 when he was offered the agency for Eley Cartridges in the South East of England. Over the years Graeme and Lyn increased their agencies and turnover increased year on year. Graeme became Sales Director of Accuracy International in the early 90’s, travelling worldwide for the company to promote AI rifles. He resigned in 2004 to spend his time pursuing the commercial sales of Accuracy International Rifles through Sporting Services.

Sporting Services is the worldwide civilian market distributor (excluding North America, Germany, Australia and South Africa) for the renowned Accuracy International precision rifles. Sales of AI have grown steadily over the years as its reputation for reliability and precision has increased in the shooting world. AI rifles are used, not only for target shooting but also for hunting. We supply a wide range of accessories geared to the target shooter and hunter. Some of the products we have custom made, all products are tried and tested before being offered for sale. In recent years, our online presence has grown significantly with and we feature prominently on search engines such as Google and have an ever increasing community on our Facebook and Instagram pages.

Graeme has also used his expertise in ballistics over the years to build up that side of the business. Sporting Services now supplies ballistic test equipment to the major armoured structure manufacturers and test houses within the United Kingdom and worldwide. Graeme still uses his extensive knowledge of firearms and ammunition for consultancy work within the defence and police markets.