Customer Feedback & Reviews

May 2022

"Once again many thanks for a wonderful service regarding the AI rifle and scope mount. I’ll be highly recommending both you and Sporting Services going forwards."

Tim, UK

May 2021

"Parcel received and thank you for the great service."

Neil, UK

April 2021

"Top class service as always, thank you very much."

Bernard, Ireland

April 2021

"Was down at Bisley last week for only my second shoot with the rifle due to the last lockdown.  I absolutely love it. We were shooting 300 McQueen and I shot a 49/50 including 6 v-bulls in quite challenging wind - best I had ever shot before was around 42 and I put it all down to the rifle!"

Anon, UK 

April 2021

"Just wanted to say the BT72 & 65 arrived safely today.  Excellent service, thanks so much !"

Dom, UK 

March 2021

"Just wanted to say thank you for a fantastic service from emailing me straight back when I asked a question to when I brought it from you. It came in the post this morning, very much appreciated"

Leon, UK

January 2021

"This is my last email regarding the matter of purchasing an AX308 rifle and accessories (which started in June, 2020) from me.

Thank you for your help, patience and all the effort you have put into this! I have received and tested the last piece of kit I received and am very satisfied with all of it. I must say that the level of customer service in Sporting Services is absolutely brilliant. It has been a pleasure doing business with you.

Will definitely recommend Sporting Services to everyone here in Estonia who might need any items you are selling (already have actually). And you will probably hear from me again, there are a few items I will probably need in the future.

Thank you again for everything."

Ivar, Estonia

September 2020

"Many apologies in advance, I had intended to send an e-mail much earlier, but due to work I was unable to. I received the barrel on Saturday the 5th in excellent condition. I haven't been able to shoot it yet, but I trust it is as good as the rifle it is intended for. I would like to thank you for your excellent service! Also, the shipping of the barrel, with the DPD and the track-and-trace, was excellent! It worked fantastic. I am really confident about the purchase of the barrel, and I would not hesitate to do so again. So, I am a very happy customer 🙂🙂"

Mathijs, Germany

September 2020

"Just wanted to drop you a quick email to say thanks for the cap. It all arrived safely. Really appreciate all your help and you and your company continue to impress me."

Phil, UK

September 2020

"Following the shipment of the rifle and accessories I received the package today. I am very satisfied with the product and I also thank you Sporting Services and Adam for being in contact and for guiding me during the process I look forward to going to try it at the club.

To finish I am really very satisfied with the service and I will look forward to retailing order with you next time."

Thibaut, France

July 2020

"First off I would like to say what a great rifle the AX is. I purchased my AX around 2015 from Sporting Services via my local RFD.

Around September 2018 I decided to look about a 6.5 Creedmoor barrel for the AX and after contacting Adam from Sporting Services I put in an order. When the barrel arrived the process of fitting the barrel on my AX was so simple and easy to do, just screw off my 308 barrel and screw on my new 6.5 Creedmoor barrel. The head space was perfect and the tactical muzzle brake fitted perfect as well.

A group of us from my local gun club booked a few days at Eskdalemuir 2 mile range in Scotland. The first day we arrived was a beautiful sunny day. The range was out to a distance of 2 mile with steel plates every 100 yards. This was the day I shot my longest shot to date with my new 6.5 Creedmoor hitting the 1 mile target.
This finally proved to me something that deep down I knew already. The AI AX rifle in 6.5 Creedmoor is the best of the best and with less recoil than the 308 and pin point accurate up to 1500 yards it’s the calibre and rifle to own. My next aim is the push the Creedmoor out to 2km.”

Nigel, UK

June 2020

"I just wanted to thank you for the great service I received from you personally yesterday. The monopod arrived safe and sound 5 minutes ago and is now fitted to my rifle. I'm very happy! Take care and all the very best."

Pete, UK

May 2020

"Received the three bags Adam, all good, great service, thank you."

Ken, UK

May 2020

"Good afternoon to all of you. I received the package this morning. It arrived lightning fast and everything is in order. Thank you very much for your incredible job and responsiveness , have a nice day and stay safe."

Alexandre, France

March 2020

"Hi Adam. Didn't get chance to email earlier - thank you for such a quick, efficient and seamless service.  Have received the moderator so all is well, and possibly before any C-19 induced travel restrictions are applied. Regards."

Bryan, UK

December 2019

"Good Afternoon Sam. I have just collected the AW from my local RFD. To say I am pleased with the kit and your excellent service would be an understatement, everything was as described on your site. I would have no hesitation to use your services again and recommending that others do so. I am now  looking forward to taking it to the range next week. Please pass on my thanks, etc. to all. Regards."

Jim, UK

July 2019

"I’m very happy, just received my part ! So thanks again all for your reactivity andd professionalism. I wish you all good holidays ;) "

Trevor, UK

July 2019

"Hi Adam. Thanks for the rings very pleased, great service. See you soon regards to Graeme please."

Trevor, UK

June 2019

“Hi Adam and Sam, received and fitted my bits and all is perfect. Massive thanks for your help and advice. Best wishes to you and the team.

Gary, UK

April 2019

“Dear Graeme and Adam, after my first tests at 200m (30 lapping cartridges that I reloaded), I am very satisfied with the results; it already have the half MOA. So I hope to improve again by working the reloading, to hold the 1/3 MOA ... The Jewell trigger is wonderful, and the rifle is very beautiful. I am very happy to have done business with you.

Oliver, France

April 2019

Hello Sam, Re this order which was taken with the most polite efficiency on Thursday and arrived today!!! That is exceptional service compared with other retail outlets. Excellent…..well done. Regards”


January 2019

Atlas Bipod ... Part II

“Hi, I recently purchased an Atlas bipod from sporting services and was delighted with it! But found the pan and cant very stiff I sent it back to sporting services and as soon as they received it they were straight on the phone to me and explained why! This is great service only shoot PCP air rifles but this company treat you like your their best client. The problem was not the bipod! It was me being used to rip-off bipods that are just sloppy and a waste of money. Since my bipod purchase from this company I have now purchased a Monopod from sporting services and as before a top quality piece of kit! Many thanks.”

Terry, UK

January 2019

Atlas Bipod

"Thank you so much the BT10-LW17 Atlas bipod arrived on time not even 24 hours after I ordered it What an amazing piece kit! Rock steady and fits beautifully on my Daystate pulsar I Will be recommending this Atlas bipod and the helpful staff at Sporting services to all my shooting friends. Thanks and Have a happy new year."

Terry, UK

November 2018

Styria Arms SSG Bottom Metal Conversion Kit (Steel)

"Just want to Thank You again for your help as I received the unit last Thursday. I appreciate the support, effort and time that you have taken to influence my customer experience which has left me with a positive sentiment around your organisations service etiquette. It is highly appreciated."

Johan, South Africa

August 2018

Terrapin X

"Terrapin X has been just delivered, Thank you for the nice assistance. Regards from Poland"

Pawel, Poland

July 2018

Nimrod 6.5 Creedmoor Rifle

" I just wanted to drop a note and say thank you! The 6.5 Creedmoor that I got from you guys is a real tack driver, this is the second Nimrod that I have bought from you guys and both my .308 and 6.5 are great to shoot with. I will be returning shortly for a .223 :) "

Louis, UK

July 2018

Accuracy International  AT .308 24" Fixed Left Handed

"It has been quite some time since I got the rifle. But in the past week, I finally got around to mounting an optic on the rifle, and sighting in the scope and breaking-in the barrel. And, wow, I'm very, very pleased with the rifle! It is heavy, which makes it very comfortable to shoot. It is sturdy and stable. The trigger is amazing, (if I'm correct, it is approximately 1.5kg of trigger weight? However, it does not feel like that, it feels much lighter). The bolt-throw is very nice, smooth and the 10-round magazine is nice. Overall, it is a very amazing rifle! 

 Also, my father also shot a few rounds. He was also very pleased with the rifle, and he asked me specifically to give you his compliments on delivering such a fantastic rifle!

Now, I hope to write the review in the next few days, but, as I said, I am very, very pleased with the rifle. If I had to make the decision again, whether or not to order the rifle, I would not hesitate to do so 😊 "

Mathijs, Germany

May 2018

T.A.B SASR cover

"The Tab Gear SASR cover is of excellent quality which is evident on first inspection.

The fitment on the moderator (Sl7 Ase Utra)  is a good snug fit and the draw chords ensure no slippage under recoil.

Mirage prevention is excellent even under successive shot strings and the heat retardant material is excellent for allowing the moderator to be removed and handled whilst hot.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Tab Gear moderator covers, the attention to detail and obvious care to provide customers with quality  products speaks volumes for the company."

Grant, UK

May 2018

T.A.B Gear sling and swivel attachments 

"Just a quick mail to let you know the sling swivels ordered yesterday afternoon arrived today and are just the job, really good quality

Once again I must thank you for excellent service I made enquiries regarding these fittings a couple of months ago and have been kept informed by Samantha and Nicola on the progress of the awaited shipment throughout.
Most companies would not have bothered to do this and it would have been up to me to chase up what was happening.

I know this from dealings with suppliers that I use for my business."

John UK 

May 2018

Accuracy International AT & Accuracy International AW

 "I would not even consider buying an AI Rifle anywhere else. Having bought several AI rifles from Sporting Services over a number of years I can confirm that their knowledge & experience of AI products is fantastic”

Matt UK

April 2018


"GOOD service at sporting services"

Patricia, Belgium

April 2018

Accuracy International AW

"I have made several purchases over the last couple of years and can only say, WOW, above and beyond customer service, great knowledge, very friendly staff, great choice of kit, can’t wait to go back."

Robert, UK

January 2018

"Got a good service and my Rifle shoots great"

Christian, Denmark

January 2018

Accuracy International AXMC

"And again - I just love it, it's really the finest sniper rifle in the world!

The accuracy is just amazing!"

Almar, Estonia

November 2017

Accushot Atlas Bipod

"Just received the Atlas PSR/BT19 combo, superb build quality and perfect on my AT. Many thanks to Adam for the cracking service as usual"

Gareth, UK

October 2017

Accushot BT46-LW17 Bipod

"Just s quick note to say the bipod is awesome - many thanks indeed. Lovely build quality and fits very securely on my Tikka! Will let my club mates know where I got it when they ask."

Ben, UK

October 2017 

Accuracy International AW Rifle

"I am very happy with my investment in an AIAW since it has proven to be very accurate and reliable. I have hit past 1 Mile and want to push it even further. I have owned the AIAW for 5 years now and have experienced no errors so far and believe that the rifle will last many more years."

Christian, Denmark

August 2017

Accuracy International Suppressor

"Thank, Adam that is very much appreciated and that is what I like about your company honest straightforward answers and what is best for the customer as paramount importance."

Tony, UK

August 2017

Barrel Change Kit

"Action wrench arrived this morning. I'm amazed by how quickly you sent it out! Many thanks to you, Adam, and all the staff at Sporting Services. Another great transaction with you guys."

Luke, UK

August 2017 

Accuracy International AX Rifle.

"Many thanks to Adam @ Sporting Services for sorting me out with an AX 308, Atlas bipod and Spur mount. Super fast delivery, fantastic service and products. The AX is amazing, thank you for all your help and advice."

Andy UK

August 2017

T.A.B Gear Rear Bag

"TAB bags just landed, many thanks for a great service."

Paul, UK

July 2017

SKB Transit Case.

"Superb new case for the AT308, many thanks to Adam @ Sporting Services for the usual fantastic service"

 Gareth, UK

June 2017

T.A.B. Gear Rear Bag

"I ordered a Tab gear rear bag on Friday and received it on Saturday. ....

Would just like thank you for a speedy delivery also very pleased with item. ....


Chris UK

June 2017 

AICS - AT Long Action 700 300WM Folding, Thumbhole Conversion AT Rifle 2.0 

"All goods received. Thank you for the excellent service."

Jimmy, Belgium.

May 2017

AX 308 26" Black Tac Muzzle Brake

"Just wanted to say thanks for all your help with the AX.  Had a great day at Bisley yesterday… and WOW!  There’s no other word for it, the gun is amazing!

Thanks Again!"

Darren, UK.

May 2017

 Sling fitings.

"Received the goods fast shipping and top goods, thanks."

Eddy, Belgium. 

March 2017

AICS - AT Short Action 700 .308 Fixed - Green

"Once again, I am very glad to do business with you and your company. Serious contact, fast answering and great customer service... Thank you!"

Gabriel, Belgium.

March 2017

Accuracy International AX .308 26"Barrel with Muzzle Brake in Pale Brown

"Thank you for your excellent services."

Serge, Belgium.

March 2017

"I received my order this morning and I want to thank you, everything is perfect. Thanks again for your efficiency."

Gerard, France

March 2017

"Thank you for the very quick delivery. It's a first class service. Thanks."

Xavier, Belgium

February 2017

T.A.B Gear Biathlon sling.

"Good biathlon sling is great ..the rifle is heavy but the weight is not felt all day long..."

Cal, UK

February 2017

Accuracy International Schmidt and Bender 3-20x50 PMII/LP/MTC/LT

"I'm glad to report that I received the parcel today.  The scope appears to be in great condition and I hope to mount it soon.  I appreciate all your work in getting this exported and have been very satisfied in working with Sporting Services."

Arthur, USA

February 2017

"I've brought several items from you in the past including a full AI AX and an S&B scope. Excellent service and really good advice. Keep up the good work."

Jacob, UK

February 2017

"Sporting Services are great supporters of the Precision Shooting Match in aid of the Royal British Legion. I've always had good service when dealing with them be it getting parts for an AI or ordering S&B scopes."

John, UK

February 2017

AX .308

"I purchased my AI AX .308 from Sporting Services a few years back. I had no problems and in the run up to progressing the order I found the staff to be extremely helpful and professional throughout. Thoughtfully recommended. Regards to you all "

Simon, UK

February 2017 

BT35 - LW17

"Many thanks for sending Bipod and Rail so promptly - Fantastic. You provide an amazing service which these days is a rarity. Many thanks for your first class service."

John, UK

January 2017 

Eberlestock H2 Gunrunner rucksack

"Loving the rucksack and just took it to Sweden for a bit of winter hunting where it was once again invaluable."

Anthony, UK

January 2017


"The bipod has arrived in perfect condition. Thank you for your perfect service"

Rainer, Germany

October 2016 


"I have recently purchased an Accuracy international AW from Sporting services and cannot praise the services enough, the rifle is of course of impeccable quality as is the dedication of members of staff like Adam who went the extra mile to ensure that nothing was left to chance. From simple choices to major decisions about choosing the right specifications everything was handled on a personal level and in this day and age of general lacklustre service made such a refreshing change.

For anyone considering purchasing similar and you want a quality of service to match there is only one choice ….call them and receive an experience like no other, they are like AI an ambassador to the finest quality you could hope for !"

Tony, Leicestershire

September 2016

AI AT. 308

"I just wanted to thank you again for all the help in this purchase, you've got yourselves another happy customer!

Have a great week!"

Florin, Romania

August 2016

Bipod friction lock 

"I would like to express my thanks for your prompt and efficient service, the device arrived this morning, I fitted it within 30 minutes dry mounted and it's just the job. Thank you."

Gordon, West Midlands

August 2016

Rear Butt Bags

"I received the rear bags today they are perfect. thanks again for great Service and I'll be happy to do business again."

David, Germany

August 2016

IMUNS Night vision mount

"Received my items today. They fit perfectly. As always it was bliss doing business with you!"

Alex, Sweden

August 2016

AI AT Double Stack Double Feed Mag

"Very happy cracking service!"

Ste, UK

August 2016 

NIMROD 6.5x47

"Just to say thanks very much for my remarkable rifle. The accuracy achieved with this rifle is way past what I thought it would be. Setting it up and zeroing it was a pleasure because it was so responsive to every minor adjustment I made to it. Thanks must go to Adam for making my visit to you so straightforward."

John T, Wales

May 2016

"The muzzle brake arrived yesterday. Thank you for the excellent service."

Rainer, Germany

May 2016

"Many thanks for this great transaction. The item is perfect and shipping faster than expected. It was a pleasure to deal with you."

David, Germany

May 2016

"Can I just say many thanks for your attention yesterday. Refreshing to see some people still care. Used the rifle Sunday afternoon at Bisley at 600 yards. Bore sighted then one sighting shot followed by 3 V bulls from the next 4. The rifle is absolutely superb. Once again many thanks for all your help."

Nuno, UK

December 2015

"Just a quick mail to thank you for the excellent service provided to me by both yourself and your Company. This was from my initial enquiries, answering all my questions, through to my ordering an AXMC and right up to my collection of it from my local RFD. After several bad experiences of purchasing firearms from other Companies where I have had to wait up to 9mths after the promised date of delivery, it was fantastic to deal with someone who took my order, gave me a date when the rifle was expected to be in stock, and was true to his word and so reliable regarding paperwork, money transfer, etc. I am totally impressed by yourself, your company and Accuracy International. I look forward to dealing with you again in 2016."

John, UK

December 2015

"Gentlemen, the package has arrived in good order today! I’m very happy with it! Again, many many thanks."

AJ, The Netherlands

December 2015

"Thanks for the great help and shipment of chassis. This seems very solid and covers my needs :-)"

Customer from the OALH Long Range club in Oslo and Akershus, Norway

October 2015

"The parcel arrived this morning but I have not had the opportunity to inspect it. I am sure it will be perfect. I just want to take a moment to congratulate and thank you and your company with for the effort you put in to rectify the tiny little hiccup. That is indeed 'service excellence' and I look forward to many future dealings with Sporting Services."

Francois, South Africa

October 2015

"Many thanks for getting the bag out to me in time for my trip up north last week. It really made the difference to a great week up north. It's a fantastic product and I'm very grateful for all the efforts put in getting it to me."

Antony, UK

October 2015

"I received the rifle a week ago and I have to say, every time I pick it up I am amazed by the ergonomics. Thank you to Accuracy International for building such an incredible rifle and thank you to you guys at Sporting Services for helping me to fulfil one of my dreams."

Teemu, Finland

August 2015

"My bi-pod arrived this morning... Thank you again for being so helpful."

Dave, UK

August 2015

"A quick thank you for your prompt dispatch of my order. I'm most grateful as I can carry on with the rifle this weekend."

Paul, UK

August 2015

"Very impressed with the rifle and the service I have received from you guys at Sporting services."

Michael, UK

July 2015

"Thanks very much for sending me the AICS action bolts. Excellent customer service. Highly recommended."

Neil, UK

June 2015

"I just wanted to say thank you and how happy I am with my new AI AT 308. The purchasing experience and support were absolutely first class and the rifle is a fantastic piece of engineering – an absolute joy to shoot. First time out with the rifle after zeroing at 100m, it was shooting cloverleaf holes in targets all day long. It put a huge grin on the face of everyone who had a go with it, especially myself. I look forward to years ahead with the rifle and many thanks to yourself and everyone at Sporting Services for your help and continued support."

James, UK

June 2015

"Firstly I would like to thank you for the fine service that you provided. On Saturday I took the AXMC to the range at Hythe, zeroing was a simple task as was resetting the turrets. The first shot was about 5 inches low, a quick adjust and it was game on, as for accuracy it was superb, a one shot hole at 300 yards, in fact it took out the retaining clip on the pink marker 3 times. It was so good that the marker said he would only score my target if I missed the pink disc, in fact, he only had to get up to replace the clip that attached it to the target, not a single group was over 27mm with most holes touching. A few of the chaps from the club are intending to have a shoot at Bisley on the 11th of July, starting at 600 yards in the morning moving on to 1200 in the afternoon, you would be most welcome to join us. I am looking to purchase the but spike can you let me know the cost and availability. Once again a pleasure meeting you and look forward to the next time."

Michael, UK

June 2015

"Thanks for your amazing customer services, its a shame Royal Mail isn't as fast as you guys but it got to me just fine.  I have submitted a review for the product for you.  Many thanks again"

Simon, UK

April 2015

"I received my package yesterday and mounted it on my rifle last night. Everything fits perfect, it's exactly what I wanted. I wish to thank you for your excellent customer service and the time & dedication you took into completing this transaction!"

Jacques, Canada

April 2015

"I absolutely love the rifle, I've put about 160 rounds through it so far, running the barrel in as one should.  It's extremely accurate & consistent (well, as accurate as the fool behind the stock, anyway).  The trigger I find superb, extremely crisp.  I look forward to many years of good shooting with it."

Keith, UK

March 2015

"Thank you. Wonderful customer service - you have made my day!"

Heather, Australia

January 2015

"I just wanted to drop you both an email to say thank you. Everything that I have ever ordered from Sporting Services has arrived quickly and has been well packaged. Your team are always pleasant to deal with and are full of useful tips and advice so I just wanted to say thanks! I look forward to dealing with you again in the future."

Tim, UK

November 2014

"Magazines received – great build quality! Thank you for fast handling and shipping. Have a nice weekend :-)"

Kristian, Denmark

June 2014

"To Graeme and the Team...I wanted to say a big thank you for the AI AT that I received last week. This has been the third time I have imported an AI Rifle to Australia from you guys, not to mention all the accessories & Optics etc. Thank you for all the little things that really do add up, to equal great service, like the Red dot Safety, paperwork & prep for Australian customs, answering my questions and emails & your advice... which has always been good. Very Much appreciated."

Gerard, Australia.

April 2014

"Package arrived with my two polymer 223 magazines this morning. Just want to say thanks , customer service was great with all people I emailed and spoke to. I will be recommending you to others."

Willie, Ireland.

March 2014

"I wish to thank you for your professionalism. I received all the accessories this week, and all is fine. I'm sending you a photography of my AW.260 with the new bipod (better stability than the original bipod) en the new bolt knob (better and best than the original knob in the hands during firing).  You can put it on your website if you desire to show these new  accessories."

Sebastien, France.

September 2013

"Guys I can't thank you enough for the superb .308 accuracy international with customised bits & bobs I wanted on it. Because of these, I am the happy owner of a one of a kind rifle which if possible I think I have fallen in love with. It shoots absolutely fantastically, the accuracy has amazed me, am throwing Hornady A-MAX 168gr through her at moment but am gonna change to Hornady SST 165gr. The rifle is awesome, once in a lifetime purchase, only had it 4months ATM but am so pleased with its performance. You guys were awesome putting it together, I might want a few more extras for it later in the year. Thank you from a very happy customer."

Steve, UK.

September 2013

"Still buzzing from running a few rounds through the AI this weekend. Absolutely magnificent! This is a quick note to confirm that the Spuhr mount fits perfectly, looks great and operates superbly with the Nightforce ATACR. I also got an opportunity to use the mat, the drag bag etc, and to start bedding in the barrel as discussed. All in all, other than the inevitable pain to my bank account, the experience has been one of great fun and excitement and I'd like to thank you personally for helping me through the process and being so patient when it came to scope choice etc. Your enthusiasm for the sport and for the rifles themselves is an asset to SS!"

Jason, UK.

September 2013

"Many thanks, I'm a bit overwhelmed with such great service. 'Sporting Services' could teach a few people in Australia how to operate."

Chris, Australia.

August 2013

"May I say a very big and genuine thank you for the way you handle my recent order. It arrived this morning as you said it would and packed beautifully, something we in the UK tend not to do normally. I am very impressed and pleased especially as I have ordered the correct bits!"

Neil, UK.

June 2013

"We are very happy with our new stock sides for our AE MK2! The flat dark earth is from Jack (Belgium) and the green one is from Pierre (Belgium). Thank you for the good service!"

Jack and Pierre, Belgium.

April 2013

"Over the last six months, I have had the pleasure to deal with Tom Lawson concerning the purchase of a 338 AWSM. Throughout this time I have found him to be extremely helpful, he has provided prompt answers to my many questions and has made sure that I was kept fully up to date with my order. I was particularly impressed with the advice he gave me concerning the type of scope mount to get and the type of reticule to have in the scope, both pieces of advice have turned out to be 'first rate'. As far as the rifle goes it is safe to say I am more than pleased with it and cannot wait to shoot it (just need the snow to melt on our range). So thank you once again for all your help and I will no doubt be in touch again soon as there are a few more bits that I wish to get to complete the rifle."

David, Ireland.

February 2013

"I received the shipment today, thank you. I just want to express my gratitude for the excellent service and professionalism you have shown. I will certainly recommend Sporting services to my colleagues and friends. Thank you."

Ola, Sweden.

December 2012

"The story unfolds ... hubby wants gun related items for Christmas and whilst I do shoot I don't understand all the add-ons one can get. So imagine my horror when a list appears with items on it, that not only do I not understand but wonder how on earth I am going to order them. I needn't have worried I phoned Sporting Services, spoke to a lovely man called Tom who reassured me he knew exactly what my hubby wanted, and even went as far to say what a wonderful Misses I was for buying it (I was then worried as no price was on it the list)! Now hubby asked for black but said green would do so I asked for black. Sporting Services found black, and even though I started panicking, unnecessarily I might add as I was desperate to hear news of the order, an email arrives telling me all is ok, and low and behold the box arrives. Christmas for at least one person in the Thomson household is going to be fabby! I recommend Sporting Services to anyone who wants good quality products, and best of all fantastic service. "

Karen, Carlisle.

September 2012

"Hi Tom, Just a quick email to say thanks for your service and speedy delivery of my TRG 42 bipod. Many thanks."

Simon, UK.

February 2012

"Have just been out checking the zero on my AX, I thought you might be interested in my first 5 round group at 100m using HPS 155gr loading. 1 pence to show scale."

Nick, UK.

January 2012

"I have received the muzzle cover & scope it's superb I will have it mounted by a gunsmith this afternoon. Thank you very much, it was great doing business with you."

Giuliano, Italy.

July 2011

"Was down at Bisley this morning - beautiful sunshine, no wind. Took a couple of pics of the AW on the 1000yd line on Stickledown with all the recent bits fitted. It's been the best money I've ever spent on any rifle. Still, puts a smile on my face after 5 years and never any regrets!"

Andy, UK.

June 2011

"Today my order has arrived at my home. I Just want to let you know I'm very pleased with it. So I want to thank you and your team again for the good and quick service."

Engels, Belgium.

March 2011

"Thank-you very much for such friendly personalised service. The AI .223 magazines arrived during the week while I was away on a training exercise, I haven't had a chance until now to let you know. Thanks again and I look forward to purchasing from you guys again in the future, the price is also  fantastic, I will be recommending you to my friends both civilian and military."

Anthony, Australia.

December 2010

"Hi I received the goods yesterday and everything is perfect, thanks for the good service and speedy delivery ... Its defiantly, not the last time I'm doing business with you."

Gert, Denmark.

December 2010

"The package has arrived and everything looks great. I´m very pleased Thanks for a good trade. I will defiantly use your shop again soon."

Tobias, Denmark.

December 2010

"I have received the parcel. Thank you very much. I will recommend your company to my friends and club members."

Udo, Germany.

November 2010

"I am writing to you to say thanks for all :) All that I buy from you came to me a few days ago, and I am so happy for all. I also think that I will buy more things from you in the future and almost I will tell all my friends about your shop. Once more thank you so much."

Krystian, Poland.

November 2010

"Dear Jana, my order has arrived and fits perfectly! So I would like to thank you very much for your council and for shipping my order to me in Belgium."

Werner, Belgium.

August 2010

"I am just back from a week of shooting competitions (Geman IPSC and Rifle Championships) and was happy to find the .223 magazine in the mail (must have arrived yesterday). The fit, feeling and function of it are awesome. Thank You for that!
I still love the quality and the speed of Your service and wonŽt forget it. I appreciate Your offer to keep the .308 magazine. I will keep it for my forthcoming .308 project which I will order another AICS for when they are available in black again along with some other products from Your stock."


July 2010

"AICS has arrived. Everything looks good. Thank you very much for your service. I will recommend your company to my friends."

Patrik, Czech Republic

June 2010

"Thank you for the information, just wanted to let you know they arrived today safe and sound. Thank you for the excellent service, and prompt delivery I look forward to trading with you again."

Daniel, UK

May 2010

"Thank you for best service, the order has arrived in Italy”

Roberto, Italy.

May 2010

"Sporting services the UK gives a fast respond, great service and very fast delivery. The AICS is by now the best stock/system that I have tried on the Remington 700. The rock-solid AICS chassis makes it almost too easy to use, just put in the action and tighten the screws and you are ready for the field. Never had any ammo-feeding problems either, and I use a lot of different bullet types and weights."

Anton, Sweden.

March 2010

"The accessories package arrives today unharmed - many thanks for a great product and attentive service (even to an annoying customer:-D ). I am certain that you will receive more inquiries from Thailand in the coming future. Lastly, please drop me a note when the AX rifles in 308 and 338 are released."

Anon, Thailand.

May 2008

"Shot the rifle on Saturday 1st time as soon as I got back from picking it up! had it on zero in 2x shots ran barrel in. Shot 300 & 500 yards sun and did well came 2nd in practice comp & I think that was due to my loads, got some new ones for this weekend !! I'd just like to say thanks for how easy ordering the gun was and its just what I wanted !"

Mark, UK.

May 2007

"Yesterday, popped up on a whim to have a go at the McQueen's Competition; never shot it before, but thought it sounded interesting when it was described to me a few weeks ago.  To cut a long story short: I turned up, fired one warm-up go, then shot (what I'm told) is the highest score ever...getting maximum possible points 60 with 10X! I don't think anyone believed me when I mentioned that I'd never shot McQueen's before!  My group size was 0.6MOA.....I'd have been happy with that for 10 shots at a static target!
My first (and, almost certainly, only!) Bisley medal. I'm still chuckling about it!"

M, UK.

February 2007

"I shot the rifle on Friday. It was 2 degrees C and raining.

It took only 4 rounds to find the V bull at a hundred yards after which the rifle performed faultlessly.

At three hundred yards I shot a 48 out of 50 on a snap target ( 10 rounds in 60 seconds on the top half of a service target) with some scratch rounds I made up earlier, even though I still need to increase the butt length to get the correct scope relief. That impressed me a lot.

What impressed me even more that another member of the club tried a couple of rounds at 300 yards, without adjusting scope focus, and scored 2 V bulls.


The rifle is worth every penny.

Thanks for your help."

Bill, UK.

September 2006

"Just came back from the "Gallinago Trophy" held in Bern/Switzerland on Saturday last weekend.

After a challenging sniper competition in the mountains of Switzerland, we took 1st place with our 308 Win. AW-rifles.

There had been line fire from 30 to 600m as well as special exercises from inconvenient positions such as shooting out of a car while driving, shooting in hanging position on a rope etc. Furthermore moving and shooting a pistol course while being enchained to your partner (crazy stuff). After orientation and a stalking exercise the competition ended.

Again we learned a lot through that day and our rifles functioned flawlessly. Except for the weight of the rifle is a burden to carry the whole day. I hope the new barrel will clear that problem.

I will send pictures tomorrow.

Thank you for your support!"

Frank, Germany.

July 2006

"Following a trial shoot at 600 yards with my own A.I. Palmamaster (which I bought from yourself) a friend and fellow Club Member is very interested in buying his own. I recommended him to Sporting Services but he is toying with the decision between an A.I. and an RPA Quadlock. His wife is also a Member of our Club and she shoots right-handed whereas he is a leftie, so they need an ambidextrous rifle such as the A.I.

I see you are out of stock of the 'AE' model and there are a couple of AW's on Guntrader (overpriced) so I wonder if you could let me know if you could get hold of another Palmamaster in the AICS in 7.62 x 51 NATO / .308 Win.

I would like to thank you again for my wonderful Palmamaster with which I scored 75 & 15 at 600 in May with my hand-loaded Lapua Aficionado ammo."

Bob, UK.

May 2006

"I was in a field-shooting (I don't know the English word) yesterday. I shot 5-shot groups at 8 cm. at 644 meters ( 5-7 m/s wind slant from behind) - damn it's a good rifle. At 900 meters I hit every time at SAAB-target (falling targets), I don't know exact where I hit, but I hit.

I used fabric ammo (Lapua Scenar 167 grains) the speed is 836 m/s. exact the same speed at the AE with the 24" barrel - I'm surprised that it has the same speed, but we tried 5 shots in the Chrone. and it shows 833 to 836 (1 at 833 and 4 at 836).

I'm very happy that I chose the 20" barrel, It's exactly as good as the 24" barrel but the short barrel is much handier (it's kicking at a little bit more, even it got the muzzle brake, but I can live with that)."

Michael, Denmark.


March 2006

"I would like to thank you for the excellent service you provided.

I am truly impressed with the new hardware.
A few of my shooting buddies will have a little shimmer of green this Wednesday when I take my "new" rifle for a test drive.
I was invited on a Springbok hunt this weekend as well - so my parcel came just in time !!!!!
I will forward all inquiries to you directly."

Werner, South Africa.

May 2005

"My brother did pretty well with his barrel. It's crazy, we found a powder load where almost none of the primers blew up. We have to change the barrel soon. If possible we want to make another export permit ready. Our local gunsmith feels himself unable to make international business, he's are not flexible and afraid of everything that they've never done before... :-) We are very happy to get your support and ability to compete with your excellent product."

Frank, Germany.