• Eberlestock - G2 - Gunslinger II Tactical Pack 2019


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** New for 2019 **

New to the pack you will see a front panel of laser-cut MOLLE. Everywhere else the traditional MOLLE webbing has been replaced by 10mm MOLLE webbing. The Intex II Tubular aluminum frame has been replaced with our M-Type Tubular aluminum frame. This frame is completely flat, similar to the M1 Carrier Frame. It allows the pack to be more low profile and gives an overall more lean appearance. This does not effect the load bearing ability or overall load capacity.

Eberlestocks G2 is the latest evolution of the original Gunslinger pack, and both are in wide use by elite military, police, and civilians all over the world -- snipers, marksmen, and regular folks who appreciate the overwhelming utility and versatility of this product. It's a mid-sized pack with a full-width scabbard to better accommodate weapons with larger cross-sections or bulky optics. The wide scabbard also allows it to serve as an excellent laptop or military radio compartment, and because it's also wide at the bottom, users have the option of carrying weapons butt-down or butt-up. Like the G4 Operator pack, it features both front loading and top loading features, giving exceptional versatility and flexibility of use.

The G2 comes standard with our Intex-II frame system. The Intex-II is an Eberlestock innovation; it out-performs both traditional external frames and internal frames and has the best qualities of both: the structure of an external frame without the noise and with minimal weight, and the close-ride and comfort of an internal frame pack. The Intex-II adds a new level of support and stability to the Gunslinger II, making it a compact and tough heavy-load capable pack. It can be interchanged with the Endo frame as well as more compact, softer frames (coming soon as a separate accessory), or can simply be removed, which effectively reverts the pack back to the traditional G2 platform.

The G2 is a great platform to make the ultimate "go bag." It is relatively compact, yet capable of internally storing an M-16/M-4/AR type weapon, water, ammo, and survival gear. Once in the field, the pack has a good capacity but has the added benefit of being really easy to lash additional gear too, simply by cranking on an external load with its built-in compression straps.

The top pocket assembly features a handy internal organizer, with several small pockets, pen holders, and a padded pocket which serves equally well for AR mags or for a PDA.

Dimensions: 22" H x 10" W x 8" D Weight 8.2lbs Volume 2,700 cubic inch