• Accuracy International - AT-X Short Action 6.5 CM Competition Rifle

    Accuracy International

  • £4,500.00

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The Accuracy International AT-X rifle has been specifically designed and engineered to match the rigorous demands of the growing civilian competition shooting community worldwide.

Low Profile, High Performance

The non-bonded standard (AT/AX) barrelled short action is bolted into a sleek low profile
chassis to minimise height over bore, enhancing barricade support and porthole  clearance during competitions.

Victory in the Balance

With a cut-rifled competition barrel manufactured by AI in the UK and central fulcrum of balance delivering linear recoil, no muzzle jump and rapid setup, the AT-X is a sure-fire winner.

AI Quality Without Compromise

Using optional accessories a base AT-X rifle can swiftly be configured to create a perfect fit for every shooter. AI accuracy, repeatability and reliability naturally come as standard. 


Please click to view the Specification Sheet (PDF) for further information including available accessories.

Note: Price shown is for the base 6.5 CM rifle with 24" barrel (no muzzle brake) and fixed stock.