• Accuracy International Ltd. Launches Two New Models - AX MKIII and AX50 ELR !

    Accuracy International Ltd. (AI) today announced the launch of two new models, the AX MKIII and AX 50 ELR. These will be on display at the British Shooting Show being held at the NEC, Birmingham, UK from 14th to 16th February, 2020 and at EnforceTac, Nuremberg, Germany from 4th to 5th March, 2020.

    The AX MKIII is the latest in a long and distinguished line of combat proven sniper rifles from AI and has been designed to meet current operational needs in Europe and around the world. Tested to current NATO requirements for Military Sniper rifles, it has evolved from the successful AXMC multi-calibre rifle and is a variant of the AXSR, produced for the US Market and shares many features. The rifle as supplied is configured in .338 Lapua Magnum and has multi-calibre conversion kits that are user configurable and mission adaptable. AX MKIII features include an integral ArcaSwiss Style tripod mounting rail under the forend tube and forend grip, barricade supports, AI’s patented and Quickloc barrel system bolted to the aluminium chassis. Improved design features include the bolt, lock ring, ambidextrous 3 position safety catch and rubber AR style changeable pistol grip. The well proven and reliable AI detachable magazine is included in 10 round, double stack, CIP length for all calibres, without the need for a magazine adapter.

    The AX 50 ELR long-range anti-materiel rifle is also a multicalibre rifle system. The rifle as supplied is configured in .50 BMG and can be converted to .408 CheyTac® or .375 CheyTac®. Features include Arca-Swiss Style tripod mounting rail under forend grip, barricade supports, AI’s patented Quickloc barrel system and 10 round double stack magazines.

    Accuracy International Ltd. is world’s leading manufacturer of sniper rifles. Headquartered in Portsmouth, Hampshire, U.K., Accuracy International Ltd. is based on the principles of world class manufacturing, teamwork, mutual respect and trust. For more information, visit

    ** Photos Courtesy Accuracy International Ltd.

    Click here for AX MKIII datasheet (pdf)

    Click here for AX50 ELR datasheet (pdf)


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