• Compeition Winner!

    Thank you to everyone who entered our recent competition. From all the correct entries, a winner was randomly selected. Congratulations to Matti Paananen who has won a 5.11 Professional Polo shirt.

    Thank you everyone for supporting Sporting Services.

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    • Sarah Carlson says...

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      On September 05, 2017

    • Puja says...

      I had an HK 91 for a while. Not anymore. It wkored all the time, but with the terrible trigger, poor ergonomics, the rotten trigger, it having greater recoil than any other semiauto 308 I’ve tried, the awful trigger, the sights that needed a special tool to adjust, the crappy trigger, it’s habit of flinging brass a mile even with the buffer, and the nasty trigger, it was OK. I didn’t really care for the trigger either.I really didn’t see that it had anything over the FAL, which has better ergos, easier sight adjustment, better trigger, etc.

      On November 28, 2015

    • Shigeko says...

      Thanks so much for posting. When I chekced my bloglovin’ account and I saw my picture, I was thinking that my old blog showed up and I was confused and then I saw you posted it. Thanks so much. I have pictures to edit from the pink peter pan-collared dress I bought from you last week too. soon! The other girls’ outfits are adorable!!!!!!!!!! they are sweet.

      On July 28, 2015

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