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The Rangefinder Legacy Continues

After its introduction in 2012, thousands of the Vectronix Pocket Laser Rangefinder (PLRF) have been fielded by armed forces around the world. The PLRF product line is most accepted by professionals who need to rely on quality, innovation and performance. To meet growing demands of the defence and security industries, Vectronix has continuously improved the rangefinders in the critical areas of size, weight, and power – the effort was well worth it, as the result shows.

Smallest and Most Powerful MILSPEC Rangefinder Available

The newest generation of the Vectronix Pocket Laser Rangefinder offers snipers/spotters, marksmen and forward observers, the smallest, most powerful MILSPEC eye-safe Laser Rangefinder available. Ranging measurements up to 6,000m, as well as accurate angle measurements, are no problem for the lightweight, compact unit. Weighing 430g and measuring only 131 x 88 x 55mm, the PLRF25C is ready for combat operation in the most extreme conditions. The PLRF25C fits easily in any pocket and is water resistant up to 1m deep for 60 minutes (optional 10m).

The New Generation

The latest software developments include expanded connectivity to a variety of other devices and the integration of the Applied Ballistics Elite solver:

Expanded capabilities – at your fingertips: PLRF 25C BLE X3 offers seamless, secure Bluetooth connectivity to multiple peripherals simultaneously. Instant target handover to ATAK, Kestrel, Garmin, digital scopes, etc. for unsurpassed situational awareness and agility in dynamic situations.

First round hit - at your fingertips: With an Applied Ballistics Elite solver, the PLRF 25C BLE X3 offers integrated ballistics capability. Use completely stand-alone or as redundancy to your Kestrel or Garmin ballistic solver.


Observation: monocular
Magnification: 6×
Field of view: 6°/106 mil
Reticle: Glass reticle with 5 mil graduation and electronic aiming mark

Laser type: 1550 nm, class 1, eye-safe per EN 60825-1 Ed 2.0 (2008)
Range capability: 5m to 6000m - 3000m on NATO target
Accuracy (1σ): ± 2 m (50m to 1500m) - ± 5 m (<50 m, >1500 m)

Azimuth accuracy (1σ) with PPS calibration: ± 10 mil / ± 0.6°
on tripod, typical (1σ): ± 5 mil / ± 0.3°
Inclination accuracy: (1σ) ± 3 mil / ± 0.2°

Dimensions (l×w×h): 131×88×55mm / 5.2×3.5×2.2in
Weight with batteries: 430 g / 0.95 lbs)
with shock-absorbing cover: 500 g / 1.1 lbs)

Data displayed: slope distance, azimuth, inclination, horizontal, distance, vertical distance, distance between, two objects, elevation and windage corrections, time of flight, bullet drop and other functions, (if so equipped) according to user manual

Standard: RS-232, Bluetooth BLE 5, multipoint
Optional: integrated Applied Ballistics Elite solver, Garmin Tactix AB / 701 AB, Kestrel communication, FOS, PLGR DAGR
External GPS capability: Rockwell Collins, DAGR / PLGR II / PLGR + 96

Full Datasheet available on the Vectronix site here.

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