• TriggerTech Special Rem 700 Drop in Trigger

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The Rem 700 Special is an upgraded version of the Primary model which further enhances accuracy and precision on any right-handed Remington 700 model rifle. Utilising CLKR Technology™, and some additional hand refinements like the Primary model the Special provides a true zero creep break and extremely short over travel.

The Pull weight on the Special is quickly adjusted from 1.0-3.5lbs from the external screw set.


Trigger Lever Type: Straight or Curved
Trigger Action: Single Stage
FRT: Yes
TKR Technology: Yes
CLKR Technology: Yes 
Overtravel: Sub .015"
Pull Weight: 1.0lbs-3.5lbs
Bolt Release: With or Without
Safety: With (email us for without)
Hand: Right-Handed Trigger
Warranty: Product lifetime
Weapon Platform: Remington 700


All pull weights and measurements are approximate. ***Pull weights of TriggerTech Triggers are directly impacted by firing pin spring weight. Overweight firing pin springs may cause pulls weights to vary above the advertised range***


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