• TopShot - Kinetic Bullet Puller


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The TopShot Competition Bullet Puller is designed to dissasemble reloaded ammunition.  New use it with rimfire ammunition and it might not work with factory loaded ammunition.  A set of three collets are provided in the blister for most of the centrefire calibres. 

Instructions for use:

1.  Remove the screw on cap and select the collet from the chart.
2.  Place the collet over the hole.
3.  Insert the cartridge with a rotary motion until the cases rim seat against the collet, or the extractor grove engages the collet.
4.  Tighten the cap firmly.
5.  Strike the EH-07 Bullet Puller against a hardwood surface, while holding the Bullet Puller handle parallel to the surface and the bullet pullers head perpendicular to the surface at the time of the impact.