• Spuhr SP- 4803B 34mm Scope Mounting System


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Ideal Scope Mounting System:
For scopes with long erector housings such as U.S. Optics TPAL and Nightforce BEAST.
Extremely sturdy one-piece scopemount, with possibility to attach multiple optical accessories directly to the mount. the system has a built in level, 45 degree split of the rings giving better view of the turrets with straight and tilted mounts available.
Article number: SP-4803b
13 MIL/44,4 MOA
Height:38 mm/1,5"
Length:147 mm/5,79"

Distance from ring to ring is 82 mm/3.228".

10-degree wedge included

Please note: Early versions were 11.6 MIL/40 MOA