• Gunworks - Thumb VAULT762 M18 x 1 Muzzle Break


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The THUMB - VAULT762 is a muzzle brake for weapons of the calibre 7.62 x 51 mm NATO or .308 Winchester. This Thumb Muzzle device is precision manufactured. Three impact chambers reduce the kickback almost completely.

This muzzle brake is the optimal choice for all shooters who want to keep a muzzle deflection of the weapon as low as possible. In particular, IPSC shooters appreciate the quiet shooting behaviour that can be achieved with the VAULT762.

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  • Material: Steel ETG 100
  • Surface: hardened, tumbled, glass bead blasted and PVD coated
  • All products are clearly marked by a laser marking (manufacturer, model, mouth thread and batch identification)
  • All models are prepared for mounting a flicker tape holder
  • All THUMB series misfire dampers and compensators are aligned using an included ring and a marker positioned at 12 o'clock. This can be done with a 22mm or 7/8 "open-end wrench
  • All products of GUNWORKS are 100% produced in Germany