• Eberlestock Padded Magic Carpet Shooting Mat


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What we love about Eberlestock is the attention to detail when designing their products, taking into consideration the shooters needs and how it will be used and this piece of kit albeit small has the same level of detail as the rest of the range. The Padded Magic Carpet Shooting Mat is compact - you carry it rolled up 17" H x 9" Dia. For comfort, there is an insulated padded section where you lie. To set up your shooting station - simply toss the mat out and the weighted end unfurls and you are ready to go.

Length - the mat will cover the distance from well in front of your barrel (so an effective muzzle blast dust suppression barrier) to below your knee (unless you are blessed with above average height!) rolled out length 8ft x 34"W

Weight 3lb.

PVC backing makes the mat waterproof

Alternatively, if you want a more compact version there is a non-padded version here