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Jag Brushes are premium bore brushes for rifles and shotguns.

The combination of brush with patch does not get stuck inside the bore because the Jag Brush design features two radial diameters. The front half of a Jag Brush has a radial diameter smaller than the bore, giving it the ability to hold a patch and wipe the bore without getting stuck. The rear half of a Jag Brush has a radial diameter larger than the bore, allowing it to brush the bore.

Unique patented design.

  • Jag Brush for rods is available with nylon or phosphor bronze bristles, and it is dual-purpose capable due to its patented two diameters
  • Its rear brushes the bore, and its front, when a patch is wrapped, wipes at the same time
  • Smaller gap to bore wall than that of standard jags/loops
  • Wipes deeper into grooves and reduces rod flex
  • It has a standard 5-40 thread, and it is a rifle length brush
  • Individually packaged in heavy-duty twist tube