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The Sniper Hider Filters Range is designed to work in conjunction with the Sniper Hider (or mount directly to the end of your scope) and offer enhanced protection against light, retro reflection and also against counter sniper laser detection and devices.

Multiple filters can be used simultaneously and these are designed to reduce the operator’s signature management whilst increasing target visibility in all light conditions.

  • The Sniper Hider Filters simply screw onto the front of the riflescope objective lens without removing the rifle scope.
  • Multiple filters can be screw fitted as desired.
  • UK Made in Matt Anodised or Cerakoted aircraft grade aluminium.
  • Weather and Shock proof, designed for the modern battlefield.
  • Lifetime guarantee.

Laser Filter

  • Counter Laser Filter
  • 700nm Shortpass
  • Fits all 50mm or 56mm OBJ rifle scopes

Grey Filter

  • Light reducing
  • Filter Fits all 50 or 56mm OBJ rifle scopes

Yellow Filter

  • Low light
  • Glare reducing
  • Fits all 50mm or 56mm OBJ rifle scopes

Polarising Filter

  • Slide adjustable Polarising Filter
  • Fits all 50mm or 56mm Obj rifle scopes

Combat proven by British Special Forces.

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