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Sporting Services supplies a compatible 16Gb SDHC card with each unit!

With the Chronograph era over Labradar is the world’s newest technology in obtaining projectile velocities of Rifles, Shotguns (slugs only), Handguns, Pellet Guns, BB Guns, Bow & Arrows, Crossbows and Paintball. Labradar performance exceeds any consumer level velocity acquisition system. The Labradar works by velocity measurements are based on continuous wave Doppler radar and advanced digital signal processing technologies. It continually measures velocities up to 100 yards depending upon the size of the bullet. (Smaller bullets do not track as far as large bullets.) 

Doppler Radar is the most precise method of measuring velocities available. Its accuracy is not dependent on light conditions or being exactly parallel to photo electric sensors resulting in false readings. There is no shooting through a small confined area. No dealing with optimal lighting conditions as unlike most light sensing chronographs Labradar is not affected by changes in environmental conditions such as temperature, changing light conditions, rain etc.

No stopping the firing line to set up and take down equipment. The setup of the Labradar simply place the Labradar beside the shooter, not downrange where other systems are prone to damage, point it towards the target and you’re ready to go, Labradar is designed to set besides the shooter as it is triggered by the weapon muzzle blast. Currently it is not possible to trigger the radar at a downrange location.

It tracks and obtain true velocities continuously. Each shot series provides Maximum Velocity, Minimum Velocity, Average Velocity, Standard Deviation, Extreme Spread. Being accurate with subsonic, transonic, supersonic projectiles. The Labradar records a virtually unlimited number of shots and shot series.  Then you can download your data to a PC for later PC analysis, also smartphone, tablet and iPad compatible.

Multiple distances for velocity display are user definable on the unit. Labradar measures velocities up to 3,900 fps. with 0.1% accuracy. Labradar is not dependent on any light source and can be used indoors/outdoors in all weather conditions. Individual shots display velocities at muzzle and up to five additional distances along with Kinetic Energy at each distance. The data is downloadable via USB or SD card (supplied).  Built in IPSC / IDPA Power Factor Calculator.  Mounts on standard ¼ x 20 tripod thread. (tripod not included).

New! - Labradar Lite

Exactly the same features as the original Labradar, except Bluetooth. The Labradar LITE is therefore not compatible with the mobile application but is just as efficient as the original.


  • Up to 100 shot per series with up to 9,999 series
  • Records velocities from 65 fps to 3,900 fps
  • Metric or Standard velocity and distance reporting
  • Delete shot function
  • Kinetic Energy calculation
  • IPSC / IDPA Power Factor calculation
  • Power down with no-memory loss
  • USB and SD card downloads of stored data for PC use
  • Battery status indicator
  • Large 3.5” display
  • 6 AA battery operation (not included) It can also be powered from an external USB power pack.
  • Operating Temperature range (15°F to 110°F)

Labradar was developed by Infinition Inc of Trois-Rivieres, Quebec, Canada. Infinition has been the industry leader in Doppler Radar Technology since 1996 with products being used by defence agencies all over the world. Infinition Inc. has unique expertise in Ballistic Instrumentation Radar Systems and highly sophisticated software for the capture and processing of a ballistic event. High quality innovative products and services, timely delivery and superior customer support have all contributed to gaining customers and establishing our solid worldwide reputation. Our radar systems include the most complex long range multiple target tracking systems to small laboratory range applications capturing tiny projectiles at ultra-high velocities. From this technology the creation of Labradar was developed for everyday use by individuals.

Note: LabRadar cannot be exported to certain countries. Please check with us before ordering.


How do I use Labradar with 22 Rimfire, Airguns or Suppressors?
Since there is very little muzzle blast pressure emitted from 22 Rimfire, Airguns or suppressed firearms you may need to place Labradar approximately 3 inches in front of the muzzle and approximate 3 inches to the side. If your unit still will not trigger due to the low muzzle blast you can purchase the Air Gun Adapter to assist in triggering the radar.

Where should my muzzle be positioned?
Ideally you should place your muzzle even with the side of the unit and between the top and bottom corners. If you have a muzzle brake you should place it a few inches in front of the radar to prevent the direct muzzle blast from impacting the unit. Be sure to set your Projectile Offset to the correct distance in the preferences menu.

What data does Labradar provide?
Labradar provides minimum/maximum velocities, extreme spread, average velocity and standard deviation of a shot series. Velocities are constantly tracked and recorded at various distances along the flight path. The user will be able to define the distances he would like the velocities displayed. You will also be able to download all the shot and series data to a CSV file.

How reliable is the Labradar?
Infinition, the company that created and manufactures the Labradar has been designing and manufacturing high end instrumentation radars for more than a decade. Infinition’s high end radars are used daily by professionals at various Research Centres, Ballistic Laboratories and Proving Grounds around the world. The Labradar has been built from the same technology inside Infinition’s high end radars and brings that technology in the hands of the shooters and hunters, providing an accurate and reliable way to measure the velocity of various projectiles.

Can the Labradar be used with bows and crossbows?
Yes, when used in the Doppler mode the arrow acts as the trigger when it enters the radar beam. This is generally 6-10 feet downrange. It will continue to track the arrow for approximately 60 yards. When in the Trigger Mode an adapter can be used on the bow to communicate with Labradar. The adapter will trigger the radar in the release of the arrow.

At what distances will Labradar report velocities?
Labradar will report the muzzle velocity and up to five other velocities at the distances that you select in increments of one (1). You will be able to select these distances prior to shooting. You can select feet, yards, meters, etc. Velocities can also be reported in metric and standard values.

Does Labradar work with shotguns?
Currently Labradar will obtain velocities from most Slug type projectiles but at this time it will not read multiple pellet projectiles.

Will Labradar pick up shot from other shooters?
Labradar accuracy will not be affected by other shots being fired into your radar beam. Part of the technology built into the system allows it to determine if the shot came from very near the radar unit or if it came in from another location. Since the radar tracking is only active for a fraction of a second it is nearly impossible for you to receive a velocity from another shooter nearby. Your unit also has an adjustment in it to "turn off" most gunshots that are nearby, yet allow your shot to operate the unit. In rare case your unit may trigger on another shooters muzzle blast. If this does occur, you can easily delete that shot from your data.

Where can I access official downloads e.g. Firmware?
Firmware and Manuals are available for download here

Is there a mobile App available?

Yes. Download for iOS link here or for Android here. Please ensure your Labradar is on on the latest Firmware. For questions regarding the App please email: appsupport@mylabradar.com

A number of Labradar accessories are also available, links below:

  • Air Gun Trigger adapter available here
  • Recoil activated Trigger Adapter (3rd party) available here & 3D printed mounts (picatinny / magnetic) here
  • Padded carry case available here
  • Bench & Tripod Mount available here
  • USB Battery Pack available here

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