• Vectronix PLRF10 & PLRF15 Laser Range Finders - Last 3 !

  • Submitted by Tommy - Norway

  • Submitted by Anthony - Australia

  • Submitted by Jonathan - Italy

  • Submitted by Sebastien - France

  • Submitted by Glen - UK

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      • New AI Rifle Announced!

        Announced at shot show today! This is the new L115A4 rifle in .338 LAPUA, a development of the L115A3 as supplied to the UK MOD. There will be a one off limited run of these rifles supplied with all accessories...

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      • We are at Shot Show 2015 !

        Graeme SHOT Show 2015 with new left handed AT which will be available from June on a first come first served basis! Contact us ASAP.

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