• Watch & Shoot - Mini McQueen Target System

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** For June orders. Delivery expected from 4th July ‘22. £200 deposit at time of order required - Please contact us to order **

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Watch & Shoot is an automated target system that is an ideal training aid but is also just great fun! It follows the traditional McQueen Competition format of 10 target exposures randomly appearing for 3 sec every 8-12 sec. The target size has been reduced so it can be engaged by .177 / .22 Air Pistols & Rifles, .22 LR Pistols / Rifles and used at multiple distances e.g. 50m Rifle | 25yds Rifle | 10-5m Pistol

The target system is controlled by our own custom designed target computer with simple push button operation via the supplied remote control. The system is USB Type A powered so compatible with a wide range of 3rd party Power Banks.

The supplied Targets Flags are made from 2mm Foamex. More can be purchased or you can cut your own using our PDF Template (A3). Flags are held in place by friction so are easily removed for scoring and replacement.

The supplied Sighting Board strip on the right of the system is set for use with 5mm Foamex and bolted on with plastic bolts for improved rigidity.

Watch the embedded video below to see it in action!



  • Remote key fob operation (A: Reveal all targets, B: Hide all targets, C: Start course of fire - 10 exposures, D: Cancel & reset)
  • Powered via single standard USB Type B (Female) connector. USB B (Female) to A (Male) Cable also supplied. *Power Bank not included, available here.
  • Sighting board slot on right
  • 2 x Nylon carry handles


  • 12.5mm Birch Plywood (Painted)
  • HDPE layer behind front panel
  • User replaceable front panels, flags (2mm Foamex), sighting board (5mm Foamex) and flag holders
  • LxDxH = 100cm x 34cm x 38cm
  • Weight approx. 18Kg


  • Embossed Brickwork Covering for front Panel (+£30.00)
  • Long exposure programming (10 sec every 10-14 sec) for Open Sight Target Rifle (FOC at time of order)


  • Watch & Shoot System
  • 10 x Flag Holders
  • 10 x Pre-Cut Flags
  • 2 x Pre-Cut Sighting Board
  • 6 x A4 Sheets of Sticker Targets (9 per sheet) - 2 x McQueen Targets, 2 x Huns Heads, 2 x Zombies
  • Instruction Manual


A3 Targets Template | A4 Flyer