• Labadar Mob App


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Control your Labradar from your smartphone or tablet using its Bluetooth connection. 

All your stats displayed in list or table on your mobile device.

Manage, store or delete information.

Displays statics of last shot

Velocities, Energy, Power factor.

For app support contact appsupport@mylabradar.com

Download the new firmware v1.2.0 by following the link below. The latest firmware will enable the Bluetooth connectivity on you LabRadar device.

Apple iOS and Android apps are both available on the App Store and Google Play!

 Directions for Labradar App Download/Connectivity 

  1. Go to http://www.mylabradar.com/download.php,
    2. Select Labradar Firmware v1.2.0 (EN) Mobile App Ready.
    3. Copy the FWA and FWB files to an SD card (or use the USB cable method), Do not put the files in any folder.
    4. Insert the SD card in your Labradar and turn it on.
    5. On your phone or tablet, make sure your location service is enabled.
    6. Download the Labradar App from Google Play/App Store to your device.
    7. Don't pair your Bluetooth device to the Labradar, in order to use the app just connect to your Labradar from within the mobile app.
  2. To connect to Labradar in the app or change any app settings slide finger left to right on screen. Settings panel should open from the left side.