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If you’ve ever struggled to get stable with an unsteady spigot bipod mount or wanted your Arca-Swiss compatible bipod mounted closer to the bore line, this spigot mount is the perfect solution. This one-piece bipod mount replaces the Accuracy International factory bipod “block” held within the square tube forend.

All versions of this bipod mount are machined from a single piece of 6061-T6 Aluminum and Type-III Hardcoated for enhanced durability. Its construction and design results in a rock-solid mount that eliminates spigot wiggle, providing the shooter with an optimized bipod attachment point.

User installation is easy. It requires a 5/16” roll pin punch, 2.5mm Allen Key, 3mm Allen Key, and blue Loctite. If you are unsure how to install this mount, Anarchy Outdoors has a spigot mount installation video.

Available Configurations

  • Picatinny - 5-slot Picatinny rail allows the mounting of bipods equipped with a standard Picatinny clamp mount.
  • Arca-Swiss (RRS Dovetail)
    • It is compatible with bipods that have an Arca-Swiss mount.
    • It includes two cap screws that can be used as a recoil stop to prevent the bipod from sliding forward.
    • Its unique storage solution provides a place within the mount to keep the screws when not in use, so they don’t get lost.
    • It has M-Lok™ standard mounting holes on the bottom face, which allows a 3 or 5-slot M-Lok Picatinny rail to mount underneath. The user can then use the Arca-Swiss bipod block as a regular Picatinny mount if desired

Compatible Rifles

Note: Please specify the correct rifle family and mount style when ordering.

Accuracy International AE MKII, AE MKIII, AICS (Legacy), AW, AWM

  • AE MKI and certain Gen 1 AW’s are not compatible with this spigot mount. If these do not have the countersunk hole in the front of the chassis, seen with skins removed, this spigot mount will not work. These variants can be made compatible by machining the countersunk holes, which will require a competent gunsmith. Machining print provided.
    • The mount still provides the user with the ability to use the factory HK hooks and Harris sling stud.
    • Versions:
      • AE - Picatinny (4.7 oz)
      • AE - Arca-Swiss (4.8 oz)
  • Accuracy International AT, ATAICS
    • The mount still provides the user with the ability to install the factory AI Night Vision bridge and retains the use of the factory flush cups.
    • Versions:
      • AT - Picatinny (6.0 oz)
      • AT - Arca-Swiss (6.2 oz)

Note: The weight for each variant is the total installed weight – don’t forget that the factory bipod block is being removed! The factory AE/AW block weighs 2.6 oz, while the factory AT block weighs 4.0 oz. Combine that with the B&T BT19 and BT20 spigot bipod mount, which weighs 5.1 oz, and you have a total weight of 7.7 oz for the AE/AW, and 9.1 oz for the AT. Removing both of those and installing this improved bipod mount nets a weight savings of 2.9 oz!

Made in the USA

Installation Video