• Accuracy International Schmidt and Bender 3-20x50 PMII/LP/MTC/LT

    Schmidt & Bender

  • £2,200.00 £2,800.00

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 This Accuracy International commissioned Schmidt and Bender PMII scope offers any long range enthusiast a high quality optical and the best possible flexibility.  


1cm clicks,

P3L illuminated reticle.

Accuracy International deflection turret.

The variable magnification from 3 to 20 allows the scope to be used on a multitude of rifles and many different calibers.

The scopes comprehensive total adjusting range of 260cm allows the scope to be used at very long distances.

Zero- stop Elevation and Wind-age turrets are equipped with a locking function and a double turn including a second tactile level, preventing in inadvertently adjustments.

Reticle illumination range from night vision via dusk to broad daylight.

MTC (More tactile click)- Tactile double turn and tactile clicks at every 10th click designed to reduce and prevent operating errors due to stress. 

Scope features parallax compensation from 25m to infinity.

Tenebraex tactical scope covers.