• Sporting Services "Nimrod" Rifle - GRS Laminated Stock

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This is Sporting Services "Nimrod" rifle based on a new action made for us in Germany in the GRS stock. The action is tool steel with 1200N/mm2 tensile strength, gas nitride, phosphate and polyurethane coated. Three lug bolt into lock ring, 60 degree bolt lift.

Remington 700 footprint so will fit various different stocks and triggers. Three position Winchester type safety.

Stainless steel, Lothar Walther match quality barrel, black painted and currently available in 6.5 x 47 Lapua, .260 Remington and .308 Win .223,6.5 Creedmoor

Muzzle threaded M18 x 1.5mm, muzzle brake available along with bipods and other accessories.

26” Barrelled action inc. CADEX DX2 two stage trigger only available with the .300Win Mag

All 26” barrels threaded M18 x 1.5mm at the muzzle.

Twist rates:

.308 1 in 12”
.260Rem & 6.5 Lap 1 in 8”
.223Rem 1 in 12”
.300Win Mag 1 in 10”

GRS laminated stock (Adjustable Hunter) complete with Fitted bottom metal and AICS 5 Rd. magazine.


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