• Eberlestock - G1 - Little brother Pack


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The Little Brother pack is a handy, stand-alone pack that's sold as part of the J79 Skycrane II system, and made to complement our J51 Warhammer packs. Similar in concept to Eberlestocks H1 Mini Me, the G1 features an expansion sleeve that allows you to insert any of Eberstock side scabbards. With our A4SS Tactical Weapon Carrier installed, the pack functions much like the G3M Phantom (scabbards sold separately). The idea for this pack ideal if you want to carry large weapons with a minimalist pack. 

The little brother features both top-loading and full-front panel loading. MOLLE/PALS webbing fills all useful spaces inside and out. Two hydration sleeves on interior back wall sized for our WXP3L 3-liter hydration. Radio rack on back wall for PRC-117 class military radios. 

The pack comes with a harness. You can add the HBSS Hipbelt (here) if you want a supportive pack belt. 

The little brother pack has the option of two frame systems to add structure to this otherwise un-structured pack: First, our innovative Endo pack frame slides into the pack's main load bay, adding both vertical and lateral structure without compromising comfort or the pack's quiet ride. The Endo doesn't interfere with the pack's ability to carry a scabbard in the tunnel; but if you're not planning to carry a scabbard, then our Gossamer frame (AG2S Gossamer Short frame) fits into the scabbard tunnel when it's zipped closed. Either option provides a simple and effective way to convert the G1 into a compact, structured internal frame pack.