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AICS (Accuracy International Chassis System) Rifle Upgrade Kit for Remingtion™ 700

Users of both short and long action Remington™ 700 rifles can now benefit from the Accuracy International Chassis System (AICS) stock, based on that used for the world's premier sniper rifles: the Accuracy International AE and AW series.

Short action calibres: .243win / .308 win / 7mm-08 / 22-250

Long action calibres: 7mm magnum / .300 winmag

Please Note: an AICS kit will enhance the performance and durability of a rifle over a standard wooden stock. It will not match the performance of a purpose built professional sniper rifle such as the Accuracy International AE or AW series.


  1     The full-length aluminium chassis gives the rifle a rugged, environmentally stable platform to enhance accuracy and zero retention. The action is attached to the stock by two bolts (supplied)* and retained in a self-aligning vee block bedding system. *See your rifle handbook for the fixing bolt torque settings.
2   Chassis kits come with a bolt on butt pad together with two spacers, one of 0.4ins (10mm) and the other or 0.8ins (20mm).
3   One Accuracy International designed five shot detachable steel magazine is included. it improves feeding and is quicker to reload than a floor plate design.
4   Four sling swivel attachment points, two per side are fitted enabling the rifle to be carried flat against the back for added comfort.
5   The chassis has integral fixing points for bipods to suit both Accuracy International and Harris™ designs.
6   Optional folding stock: reduces overall length by 8ins (210mm) when folded and adds 0.4lb (0.2kg). Ideal for rapid deployment from a vehicle, the stock locks in the folded position for security and to avoid noise. Released by simply pulling on the butt, the wear compensated hinge ensures total rigidity in the extended position.
7   Adjustable cheek piece: adjusts left/right as well as for height to obtain optimum cheek position when using night vision equipment or telescopic sights with large objective lenses.

AICS Upgrade Kits Stock Type Stockside Type Cheekpiece Type Short Action Part No. Long Action Part No.
Stage 1.5 Straight Black Adjustable 3757 - £600.00 4405 - £625.00
Straight Green Adjustable 3756 - £600.00 3904 - £625.00
Straight Flat Dark Earth Adjustable  6263 - £600.00 6265 - £625.00
Stage 2 Folding Green Adjustable 3217 - £780.00 4406 - £805.00
Folding Black Adjustable 3755 - £780.00 3523 - £805.00
Folding Flat Dark Earth Adjustable 6264 - £780.00 5925 - £805.00

AICS AX Upgrade Kits Stock Type Stockside Type Cheekpiece Type Short Action Part No. Long Action Part No.
Stage 1.5
Short Action 13" Forend
Long Action 16" Forend
Straight Black Adjustable 20223AIBL - £780.00 20221AIBL - £805.00
Straight Green Adjustable 20223AIGR - £780.00 20221AIGR - £805.00
Straight Flat Dark Earth Adjustable  20223AIDE - £780.00 20221AIDE - £805.00
Stage 2
Short Action 13" Forend
Long Action 16" Forend
Folding Green Adjustable 20224AIGR - £960.00 20222AIGR - £985.00
Folding Black Adjustable 20224AIBL - £960.00 20222AIBL - £985.00
Folding Flat Dark Earth Adjustable 20224AIDE - £960.00 20222AIDE - £985.00

Note: Flush cups are avaliable as an option to AI Sling Attachments on the AX Series.

All prices above are inc. 20% UK VAT.

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Shown above: AICS AX 1.5 kit in Flat dark earth fitted with Rem 700P barrelled action, one piece Weaver rail, Harris BRS bipod with podloc and TAB Tactical sling in Coyote Brown.

New Colour Stock Sides Now Avaliable

The new UK MOD colour "Flat Dark Earth" is now avaliable on AI Rifles and AICS Kits. Other colours avaliable: Olive Green, Black and Sand.

One-Piece (Steel - Picatinny M1913) Sight Rails

These have the advantage that they are more robust, have less chance of a screw loosening to affect zero (as in 2-piece mounts), give better alignment and, most importantly, allow the use of much stronger 1-piece mounts. Avaliable for both short and long action Remingtons including extended lengths: 6, 7 and 9 inches.

Price: From £95.00

Mil Std 1913 rail

AI produces a range of 1-piece mounts to suit 30mm and the new 34mm diameter scopes. These mounts have full length clamping and recoil pin for fail safe functioning and zero retention.

Price: For mounts prices please see the Accessories page.

A Remington 700 PS fitted into an AICS kit with AI bipod, 1-piece Mil Std 1913 rail, 1-piece QD mount and a 3-12x50 PMII sight.

Note: If even better accuracy, reliability and consistency is required, we can only recommend you move up to the famous 'AW' tactical rifle system which have been designed from the beginning to be rugged, accurate rifles. These incorporate all the necessary features which cannot be achieved by just converting sporting rifles.