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Accuracy International Rifle Systems

New! - Download: Accuracy International Rifles Retail Price List (inc. VAT) - Jan 2014 | Export Price List - Jan 2014

Note: Price list is in Adobe PDF format. If you have trouble viewing the file please make sure you have the latest Adobe Acrobat reader installed. Click here to visit the Adobe website.

The AW system was intended, designed and produced as an integrated system. Such integration ensures safety and the best out-of-the-box 'bench' performance is matched by similar performance at any range in the field. 

'Ease of use' through good ergonomics and trigger with perfect sight / gun relationship giving minimum jump and recoil allows the user to achieve maximum potential with minimum training.

Correctly maintained, the AWs perform within an 'ammunition accuracy' factor of 1.0 - 1.2. Because there is no bedding interface, the AW's point of impact is not influenced by oil, weather or climatic changes.

The Model 'AW'

Model AW with 20" fluted barrel shown. Click image to view larger version

The model AW is the basis for our family of tactical rifles and is currently produced in calibers .243 Win and .308 Win and normally fitted with a 660mm (26") match grade barrel for accurate long range performance. The .243 Win has a 1 in 10 twist and the .308 Win 1 in 12.

The .308 Win version AW is fitted with a muzzle brake which serves to reduce recoil and muzzle flip. The AW is normally supplied with a 10 round magazine. Both versions are housed in either olive drab or black stock panels and black metalwork. Butt length can be adjusted by fitting spacers to suit the firer.

AW systems are normally fitted with the special 3 - 12 x 50 Schmidt und Bender sights.

The Model 'AWM'

Model AWM shown. Click image to view larger version

Based on the AW rifle with minimal changes to accommodate Magnum length cartridges. Detachable box magazine which takes 5 rounds. Normal calibres are .300 Winchester Magnum and .338 Lapua Magnum.

The Model 'AWP'

Model AWP 20" with Muzzle Brake shown. Click image to view larger version

The AWP rifle has a stiffer and shorter 610mm (24") barrel to maximise precision. Usual calibres are .243 Win (1 in 10 twist) and .308 Win (1 in 12 twist). The rifle is designed to perform best with match-grade ammunition. Butt length can be adjusted to suit the firer by using spacers.

Note: There is no muzzle brake fitted to the standard AWP, therefore iron sights cannot be fitted. However the rifle can be "customised" in various ways. Please see the Custom section.

The ideal sight for the AWP is the 3-12x50 Variable due to the need for both long range precision and short range wide field of view.

The Model 'AE'

Model AE shown. Click image to view larger version

Built to the same standards as the AW tactical rifles, the AE series is designed for Law Enforcement use where a full Military Specification rifle is not required. Cal .308 Win, 5 round magazine capacity only.

New !! The following options are also now available:

- Calibres .22/250, .243 Win, 7mm08, 260 Remington. POA
- Adjustable Cheekpiece
- Folding Stock with adjustable cheekpiece
- AW Muzzle brakes
- Choice of Olive Green or Black stocksides

The Model 'AW50'

Model AW50 shown. Click image to view larger version

Designed to withstand constant military deployment, this long range anti materiel rifle exhibits all the features necessary to ensure high accuracy and especially consistent cold shot performance.

Calibre 0.50 BMG (12.7x99)
Barrel length 27ins (690mm)
Barrel twist 1 in 15
Magazine capacity 5 shot
Weight (no sight, empty mag) 30lb (13.5kg)
Overal length
53.3" (1350 mm)
43.5" (1105 mm)
Normal tatical range 1600yds (1500m)
Colour Black metalwork with green stocksides

The Model 'AS50'

Model AS50 shown. Click image to view larger version

The Accuracy International AS50 is the product of a contract originally awarded by the US Naval Surface Warfare Centre to develop a five shot, semi automatic .50 cal anti-material system to satisfy the exacting demands and expanding mission requirements of US Navy SEAL teams.

Exclusively a special forces weapon, the AS50 is now available for evaluation and acquisition by appropriate agencies.

Calibre 0.50 BMG (12.7x99)
Weight (no sight, empty mag) 31 lb (14.1 kg)
Overall length 53.9" (1369 mm)
Action One piece, machined from a steel billet
Breech Two-piece breech assembly. Single rear locking feature
Trigger Two stage adjustable, set at 1.5-2.0 kg (3.3-4 lbs)
Safety Lever "Safe" and "Fire" modes. "Safe" position physically blocks the trigger.
Barrel 27.25" (692 mm) stainless steel match grade 1 in 15 twist. Fitted with a steel alloy muzzle brake.
Chassis Cheekpiece, rear support leg, sling loops, forward accessory rails and extended sight rail to MIL STD 1913
Bipod Quick detachable, lightweight folding type with click adjustable legs. Provides 10° loll either side of the central position.
Rear Support Leg Folding design (non height adjustable) - locks in closed position
Magazine Detachable box type containing five rounds
Carriage Four sling attachments points

Click here for an independent review of the AS50 (link opens in a new window).


Video 1

15 minute promotional video from Accuracy International USA. Demonstrates key features of Accuracy International rifles.

Note: Video in two parts, link to Pt.2 at the end.

Video 2

Short clip from Discovery Channel 'Future Weapons' showing the AS50 firing API rounds.

Video 3

Short clip from Discovery Channel 'Future Weapons' showing the AW.


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