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Aftermarket Accessories

New! - Download: Accuracy International Accessories Retail Price List (inc. VAT) - Jan 2014 | Export Price List

Note: Price list is in Adobe PDF format. If you have trouble viewing the file please make sure you have the latest Adobe Acrobat reader installed. Click here to visit the Adobe website.

Please Note: Accuracy International Factory manufactured accessories are marked with the AI logo on the photograph. All prices quoted are retail inc. VAT @ 20% and excluding delivery (unless otherwise stated).

Butt Spacers: 0.4ins (10mm), 0.8ins (20mm) and 1.6ins (40mm) thickness. Fit in any combination to adjust stock length.

Prices: 10mm £8.00 ea., 20mm £8.00 ea., 40mm £10.00 ea.

Target Butt Pad: allows butt height and angle to be adjusted to suit the user.

Price: £81.00

PODLOCK for the Harris "S" Swivel Head Bipod: Adjust friction to increase or decrease friction on the swivel head.

Price: £15.00 ea.

ARMS #32


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ARMS # 32 Throw Lever Mount for Harris Bipod

Provides a rock solid mount to Picatinny rail and allows for quick removal and attachment. Kit includes everything required including thread lock and Allen key. The Harris Bipod can be easily returned to its original configuration.

Price: £88.00 (Bipod not included)

New! - Accuracy International AX Bipod

Also suitable to fit AICS, AICS AX, AE and AW series rifles.

Price: £225.00

Adjustable Cheekpiece Kits for AICS Kits, AW and AE Rifles: Convert your standard fixed stock Remington 700 AICS kit, AW or AE Rifle to a rifle system with an adjustable cheekpiece. Available with a choice of olive green or black stocksides, complete with adj. cheekpiece and finger adjust screws.

Price: £150.00

Adjustable Cheekpiece Finger Adjust Screws: Allows adjustment of adjustable cheekpiece on AW series weapons without the use of an Allen wrench.

Price: £5.00 (pair)

AI Bipod with Quick Release Spigot: Catches on extendable heavy duty legs help avoid noise when stalking. It has 5° of loll each side of center and extendable, spring loaded inner legs.

Price: £251.00

Rubber shoes to fit AI bipod sledge feet - Price: £12.00 pair (see AW Photo).

Accu-shot Atlas BT10

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Accu-shot Atlas Leg Extensions


Accu-shot Atlas Ski Feet


Accu-shot Atlas Cleats


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Accu-Shot Atlas Bipod V8 BT10:

- Construction from T6061 Aluminum, Type III Hard Anodized black with Stainless steel springs and fasteners.
- 15 degrees +/- of preloaded Pan & 15 degrees +/- of preloaded Cant - By means of the knurled knob.
- Picitinny Rail Mount interface by either standard machine screw fastener based clamp or optional ARMS 17S lever mount.
- Leg positioning is possible by using either hand to move the legs into any of the five leg positions; legs stowed back, 45 degree back, 90 degrees straight down, 45 degrees forward and stowed forward.
- All 5 leg positions are maintained by push button heat treated stainless steel components allowing the shooter to load the bipod at any of the three deployed positions.
- Standard soft durable Rubber feet that are suitable for many surfaces.
- Estimated range of elevation on the BT10 is 5-9" from the surface up to the rail.
- Estimated weight of 10.6 ounces for the clamp on style.

All Atlas bipods have the same functionality, they only differ in the mounting hardware configurations as noted below:

BT10 - Atlas Bipod - Standard two screw clamp on style - Price: £185.00
BT10-LW17 - Atlas Bipod - Lever Mount With ADM 170S Mount - Price: £285.00
BT10-NC - Atlas Bipod - No Clamp, takes any 17S lever mount and mounts directly to our Accuracy International bt19 spigot. - Price: £185.00
- Atlas Bipod - Fitted Accuracy International Spigot - Price: £285.00

Accu-Shot Atlas Bipod V8 BT10 - Accessories:

BT22 - Atlas 3" Leg Extensions - Price: £45.00

BT23 - Atlas Ski Feet - Price: £45.00

BT24 - Atlas Cleats - Price: £45.00

BT28 - Atlas AFAR Kit - Accuracy International / Freeland, Anshutz Rail Kit - Price: £35.00

BT30 - Atlas Bipod Pouch Made by CSM gear - Price: £48.00

Accu-shot BT08

Accu-shot BT08QK (Quick Knob) Rear Monopod: For AW series rifles and AICS kits. Push button quick release "quick knob" allows fast deployment of the monopod.

Price: £145.00

Accu-shot BT08 Rear Monopod: Attaches without any gunsmithing. Suitable for the AW series and all AICS kits, Spring loaded catch, folds forward for carrying. Approx. 30mm of adjustment and is suitable for using as a "third leg" for a stable shooting platform when used in conjunction with a bipod.

Price: £130.00

Bipod Friction Lock

Accu-shot BT01QK (quick release) Rear Monopod for Standard Rifle Stocks:

Fits "Uncle Mike" type studs.

Price: £87.00

Bipod Friction Lock: Fits AI bipod to reduce slop / cant in the head of the bipod. Bipod retains the tracking feature.

Price: £37.00

*** Click here to download installation instructions ***

AICS Digital Camo

Click image to view larger version

AICS Digital Camo

Click image to view larger version

AW / AICS Series Stocksides in Digital Camo: By L.T.M Refinishing in the USA, go to: for further details of designs available.

"Defender" digital for AW / AICS kits, short action.

Price: POA

AW / AICS Series Stocksides in Digital Camo: By L.T.M Refinishing in the USA, go to: for further details of designs available.

"Gap" digital for standard AW rifle with adjustable cheekpiece (shown above).

Price: POA (inc. cheekpiece but not cheekpiece platform)


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Biathlon Sling: Extra comfortable carrying position - also helps conceal rifle under clothing for covert operations. Black only.

Price: £51.00

Biathalon Sling by Niggeloh: This sling will take various different sling hooks / swivels including the AI hooks or Uncle mike swivels. Quick release clips on front straps.

Price: £46.00 (excluding swivels) - £9.00 (per pair for HK type tactical swivel hooks)

Aluminium Transit Case: Green, black or dark earth (not shown). - Price: DISCONTINUED

Fitted Explorer (not shown): black, olive green or dark earth - Price: £500.00

Drag Bag: DPM, olive, tan or black - Price From: £135.00

Standard Sling: For carrying and single point shooting. Available in black or green.

Price: £48.00

Butt Bags for prone shooting etc. as issued to UK MOD snipers. Heavy duty stitched canvas with soft, malleable insert material.

Comes as set of 1 large, 1 small.

Price: £25.00

New Tactical Sling from T.A.B. Gear USA: 3 removable sections, can be used as a single or double point sling and short front section for use as strap when in Hawkins position. Olive green, Coyote brown or Black.

Price: £67.00

Scope Cover Shooting Mat

Scope Cover: Protective scope cover, packed with closed cell foam, cordura outer. 3 x adjustable snap clips. Also available with crown cover (not shown).

Price: £38.00, with Crown Cover: £42.00

Shooting Mat: Olive green, black or UK DPM. 10mm foam, waterproof outer. 4 padded sections and one lightweight section with mesh pocket, clear map/document pouch and non slip elbow pads.

Price: £85.00

Headspace Gauges: Various calibres available.

Price: £POA

Commercial Gauges from: £40.00 ea.

3902 - 10 shot AICS magazine (short action) - Price: £62.00
3901 - 5 shot AICS magazine (short action) - Price: £52.00
0479 - 5 shot AICS magazine (long action) - 300 Win - Price: £60.00

2468 - 5 shot AICS magazine (long action) - 338 Lapua - Price: £60.00
4368 - 10 shot AICS magazine (long action) 300 Win - Price: £94.00

0726 - 10 shot AW magazine - Price: £62.00
4267 - 5 shot AE MK1 magazine - Price: £47.00
6616 - 10 shot AICS Polymer magazine - Price: £35.00

Note: AE MK2 Rifle uses AICS short action magazines.

5 and 10 shot AICS magazines converted to .223 Rem, please call for pricing.


Single Shot Magazine Follower

Replaces the magazine in the AW, AE Mk2 /3 and AICS AICS/ AX short action chassis systems when the rifle is used in single shot.

Price: £47.00


Bottom metal (detachable magazine) for Rem 700 type Long action / stocks

Uses AICS .300Win or .338 lapua (non CIP) magazines.

Price: £210.00, magazines - £60.00

Bottom metal (detachable magazine) for short action Rem 700 type action / stocks

Uses AICS 5 or 10 rd magazine

Price: £185.00, 5 rd magazine - £50.00 or 10 rd magazine - £60.00

Iron Sights: Available for standard and Picatinny M1913 rails.

Price: From £110.00 (foresight) - From £166.00 (rearsight)

1032 - Handstop - Price: £37.00

0213 - Handstop with slingloop - Price: £54.00

2510 - Handstop / bipod mounting assembly - Price: £128.00

Scope Mount one piece 34mm:

- 0' parallel mount for 34mm tube, picatinny
- 18 forward angle cal .338 Lapua
- 28 forward angle .308
- 45' forward angle (5-25 x 56)

- 18' forward angle 30mm diameter for picatinny

Standard AI 12mm (Anshutz type dovetail) or Picatinny M1913 rail.

Price: £140.00

Alloy inserts available for 30mm & 26mm tubes (£35.00 per set).

A.R.M.S. 34 mm Ringset #22-34: Quick release for M1913 picatinny Rail.

Price: £170.00 (Photo)

Also available in #22L 30mm low (.925"), #22M medium (1.15") and #22H high (1.45").

Price: £120.00 per set.

Kite Mount

Picatinny rail mounting for Qioptic Kite (Pilkington) Night vision sights, Hard anodised Aluminium.

Price: £125.00

Tactical Bolt Knobs to fit Accuracy AE/AW/AX Rifles

Black Anodised alloy, M6 thread.

Price: £25.00

B-Square Bubble Level - Weaver / Picatinny:

Also available with 12mm dovetail for AW series.

Price: £30.00

Anti Cant Device: Available for 1", 30mm and 34mm scope tubes. Ensures scope crosshairs are level when shooting. This is particularly important at long range when 6 degrees of cant will move the bullet 55" from point of aim @ 1000 yds. 6 degrees equals 1 minute on the dial of a wristwatch!

Price: £30.00 (all sizes)

Angle Cosine Indicator: For uphill / downhill shooting angles. Supplied with full instructions.

Price: £75.00
Mounting Bracket Accuracy Rifle Dovetail: £45.00
Mounting Bracket M1913 Picatinny or Weaver Rail: £45.00

Combination 34mm Anti Cant (bubble level) / Cosine Indicatior Bracket

Price: £75.00

Third Eye Tactical Mount with in-built Bubble Level for Picatinny Rail: Precision machined for 34mm and 30mm tubes, available in black or desert sand, in a choice of 0, 10, 20, 30 and 40 MOA.

Pictured: Low, 34mm 20MOA. Various heights available from low to very high for Hensoldt 72mm scope.

Price from: £255.00

Spuhr Scope Mounts: A range of high quality mounting solutions in 30mm or 34mm, with or without incline for a variety of rifles (Accuracy International, Sako TRG, Sauer, those with Picatinny bases and also AR15 Cantilever mounts).

Price from: £360.00

Cosine Indicator Mounts: 

Top left - 30mm Scope Ring (co-sine indicator not included) - £15.00

Top right - Gen 1 Picatinny mount - £45.00

Bottom right - Gen 1 mount for Accuracy Rail - £45.00

Bottom left - Gen 2 Picatinny mount - £45.00

Badger Ordnance IMUNS Night Vision Mount - Designed for AI Rifles & AICS Kits

Includes one side rail which can mount either side.

Price: £345.00

Spare side rails. Price: £44.00 ea.

Leupold PRW Steel Scope Rings: 30mm dia to fit Weaver or Picatinny rail.

Medium and High

Price: £55.00 per set. QRW rings £70.00 per set.

Mirage Band: Dissipates the heat rising from a hot barrel which causes the image seen through an optical sight to appear to be moving.

Price: £15.00

Murphy Precision (USA) Picatinny Rail for Accuracy International AE Rifles:

6" and 8" lengths, Stainless Steel, Black finish, "0" or "20" moa incline.

Price: £135.00 ea.

"Blackhawk" Picatinny Adapter to fit standard "Uncle Mikes" type Harris Bipod Stud:

Steel fittings, hard anodised Alloy picatinny.

Price: £30.00


Weaver Picatinny System:

Price: £30.00

Picatinny Rails (Steel) for Remington 700: 

Top - Weaver Rail - £75.00

Middle - Full Picatinny Rail 7" - £95.00

Bottom - Extended Picatinny Rail 8 .7/8" - £125.00

Picatinny Rail for SAKO TRG Rifles - £120.00

Badger Ordanance:

Zero cant rails for Remington 700 - £130.00

Barrels (Stainless Steel):

- 24” AWP cal .243” or .308” painted and proofed.
- 27” Fluted for .338” Lapua Magnum painted and proofed.
- 24" AE .308 painted and proofed.
- 26” Fluted for .300” Win Magnum
- 16.2” Fully suppressed .308”
- Suppressor for 16.2” AWMP
- 20” with muzzle brake .308”(also available Fluted)
- 26” AW cal .243” Win or .308” Win threaded for AI muzzle brake, painted and proofed.

Please call for prices.

Standard Muzzle Brake

Price: £125.00

Muzzle Brake with threaded portion: to take tactical suppressor.

Price: £160.00 (Note: Muzzle brake prices include UK proof test)

Thread Protector: £12.00

5238 - Muzzlebrake: A new improved, more efficient muzzlebrake for the Accuracy International AWM calibre .338 Lapua Magnum rifle.

Price: £176.00

Muzzle Brake with threaded portion: to take tactical suppressor.

Price: £214.00

AI Sound Suppressor

AI Tactical Suppressor: Fitted to barrel with Threaded muzzle brake.

Price: £559.00

Other suppressors available from: £225.00

Barrel threading: £75.00

"Sporting Services" Sound Suppressor

For AW Rifles. Fits AI Tactical muzzle Brake. Manufactured by MAE in New Zealand. Stainless Steel, Black or NATO Green powder coated.

Price: £320.00

Trade Enquiries welcome.

AI Pin Badge

AI Baseball Cap

Dark blue or camel.

Price: £POA

AI Polo Shirt

Med, large and extra large. Black or Tan.

Price: £POA

AI Logo Enamel Pin

Single Butterfly pin fitting.

Size 22mm diameter (0.88").

Colour - Gold text on Red background.

Price: £4.50

Accuracy International AW Rifle - Pin Badge:

Highly detailed, pewter. 2.5" (6cm) in length.

Plain or Camo finish.

Price: £4.50 + P&P

Pewter Key Fob - AW Rifle

Price: £6.00 inclusive of UK P&P

Accuracy International Model  

Accuracy International L96A1 Sniper Rifle Model

Very highly detailed, pewter, with wooden base.

Price: £70.00 + P&P